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I am a collegiate Psychologist (n. 26781), and I work as a Therapist and Coach in Barcelona.

My job consists of helping you contact and listen to your inner world. Usually we have not learned to do that anywhere (neither from our family nor from our school teachers, etc.).

According to the Internal Family System Model, our inner world (our psyche and also its relationship with the body) is made out of many “parts” and our true Self.

We are all one unit, but at the same time, we are multiple (one part of me feels sad, another part of me feels joyful, another part feels anxious, and so on). All of them are me, but they feel different, they see myself and others in a different way, they make meaning of what is happening in a different way. We might be aware of some of them, but we might not be aware yet of many of them.

Little by little we realize all these parts of myself have a good intention towards me. They are trying to help, but some of them follow immature strategies since they emerged when we were just kids.

You (your Self) are the one aware of them, the one able to be compassionate, curious with them, the one able to connect and lead them towards a higher inner harmony.

Therapy consists of being in touch with this rich inner world we all have. First we start to be aware of it (of these different parts) and then we start to connect and relate with them in a different way.

Old or even new feelings may arise, but our relationship with them will be different (in other words, our relationship with ourselves will be different). This is a path towards self-discovery, self-connection and self-love.

IFS Therapy is an Evidence-Based Practice

Spirituality and Therapy (or Spiritual Bypassing):

I found that the IFS model helps integrate perfectly both our spiritual and psychological “sides”.

For someone who feels that “I am a spiritual being living a temporary life as a human being”, and he/she is in touch with his/her spiritual nature and follow practices to be in touch with it (any kind of meditation, yoga, energy work, self-inquiry, listening to NDE reports, and so on), sometimes there is the wish that those practices will help to calm down or even eradicate certain types of psychological reactions such as anger, shame, grief or confusion.

If I am the Self/Source/Consciousness or an eternal Soul/multidimensional being who is living in a temporary simulation, then many of my individual reactions as a human being are the product of delusion (it is ego or mind). Following this logic, it is tempting to reject the more unpleasant reactions or the ones not associated with “purity” or “compassion” (such as anger, resentment or shame) as delusory and “not mine”. Sometimes all emotions are seen as “not me”, as something watched, that come and go, but I am not them.

IFS model, as I understand and practice it, helps us integrate those psychological parts (ego) that seem to react automatically in certain situations, by getting into a certain relationship with them (a loving, compassionate and embracing relationship) and, by doing so, their intensity begin to diminish and become more manageable, sometimes up to the point where they do not react anymore.

It is a process of focusing my compassionate, loving, curious awareness to them, as a part of me (“me” being the Self, that has temporarily all those psychological parts in its awareness field, so to speak), instead of rejecting/ignoring them or wishing for them to disappear eventually (which does not help preventing them from react again in the future with the same intensity when being triggered).

Instead of “I am the Self and not the mind/emotions/thoughts/psychological content/ego” (which implies duality, rejection and somehow fear), as far as I understand this, through IFS Model we can claim “I am the Self AND the mind/emotions/thoughts/psychological content/ego [Parts]”. Another way of conveying this is that instead of trying to access and stay in the light (loving, compassionate Self, high vibration), it is about bringing the light (Self, high vibration) to the darkness of our (or at least some of them) psychological parts (anger, shame, fear, limiting beliefs… lower vibration). 

IFS Therapy and Spiritual practices are totally complementary and both of them can be enriched mutually.


If you wish to set up an appointment, or if you have any doubt or comment, please contact me by phone/WhatsApp, email or send me a message.

Each session lasts 1 hour (more if necessary). The rate of the sessions depends on the frequency of them.

(Patients based in Europe)

Every week (3-4 times/week): 55 Euros.

Once or twice a month: 60 Euros.

(Patients based in USA)

90 Dollars

You can meet me, have a first session and see how I work with no commitment.

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(00 34) 680 172 972 

Calle Lluc, Barcelona (Nou Barris)


The closest subway station is: Llucmajor (Line 4/yellow)

Psychologist – Therapist – Coach in English in Barcelona

IFS – Internal Family Systems in Barcelona – Spain