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I am a collegiate Psychologist (n. 26781), and I work as a Psychotherapist and Coach in Barcelona.

The way I work is by helping you know yourself deeper psychologically, and based on this, you can make changes in your life.

The people that come to my office are normal people that usually have come to realize they have any kind of anxiety issue in a given situation or very frequently, they feel depressed or emotionally overwhelmed in non-threatening situations (due to traumatic experiences), they have a low self-esteem, any kind of crisis, a risk of spiritual bypassing, or they want to go through a coaching process.

 First of all, it is so important to get the content of our mind in order according to a map where we can identify clearly our thoughts and beliefs, what we really feel every moment and the different parts of our personality. This helps us make sense of whatever is happening to us, which frequently is due to subconscious reasons and we are not aware of it.

Developing the state of presence or the witness adult is key to the process too.

Based on this we can identify our repetitive behaviour patterns, our primary emotions, our true needs and desires, and which ones are influenced by other people, and we can learn how to set up healthy boundaries with other people, become aware of what we do not want to tolerate, of our undeveloped potential, etc.

Psychological wellness depends to a large extent on the relationship we have with the different parts of our personality, our more or less conscious desires and sometimes in conflict with each other, and on our relationship with the people around me. The way we relate to ourselves has an influence in how we relate to others and vice-versa. And our self-esteem depends on it as well.


If you wish to set up an appointment, or if you have any doubt or comment, please contact me by phone/WhatsApp, email or send me a message.

Each session lasts 1 hour. The rate of the sessions is 55 Euros. You can meet me, have a first session and see how I work with no commitment. 

15 + 1 =

680 172 972 

Calle Lluc, Barcelona (Nou Barris)


The closest subway station is: Llucmajor (Line 4/yellow)

Psychologist – Psychotherapist – Coach in English in Barcelona